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Europe’s agrifood cluster

The Catalan agrifood industry is one of the most dynamic export sectors of the Catalan economy, as evidenced by the increase year after year, both in the economic volume of exports as well as the percentage that the Catalan agrifood sector represents compared to the total of sectors. Catalonia guarantees the production of food quality, traceability and food safety.

A strategic sector: European leader in the growth of exports

+10.069 M€

in exports


thousands of tons exported

With €10,069 million in exports, €9,695 million in imports, and a 99.29% coverage ratio, the Catalan agrifood sector concentrates 21.8% (2016) of total Spanish agrifood exports and is home to 26.3% of the regularly exporting companies in the Spanish agrifood sector. Meat products are the strongest exporting subsector, accounting for almost 1/3 of the total, followed by beverages, fruit and vegetables, olive oil and bakery goods.

The internationalisation of the Catalan agrifood industry is a key factor for growth.

Agrifood sector business data

With over 3,700 food and beverage companies and 19.8% of the industrial GDP, the food and beverage sector is Catalonia’s most important industry. It employs 17.9% of the workforce, and generates a turnover of over €25bn. Meat is the main subsector (31%) in turnover, followed by oils and fats (13%), animal feed (12%) and beverages (11%).